Setting Up

After submitting the necessary paperwork, I received a permit from the City of Orlando (well not quite yet, I still had to submit the $50 fee and then I was official).

I must say, the Chief City Planner I worked with was great.  He made the process as easy as possible and offered help along the way.

letter of determination

Okay, I completed the backyard chicken class.  Class was taught by Dennis Mudge of UF/IFAS Extension Orange County (University of Florida/Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences).  The class provided a wealth of useful and practical information on raising chickens and we received a binder full of written information on everything we covered in class plus more.

I also realized what a great resource the county extension can be.  Attached is the link to the orange county extension.

City Permit

Until 2012 the City of Orlando did not allow chickens on residential property.  In May 2012 the city created the “Urban Chicken Pilot Program” that allowed for 25 families to have permits.  In 2013, the number of permits was expanded to 75 families and the number of hens allowed increased from 3 to 4.

Urban Chickens Pilot Memos

Urban Chickens Pilot Memos II

Therefore, the first step for our chicken endeavor was to get a permit.  Contact with one of the city planners gave me everything I needed to do to secure a permit.

Permit Email